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In a chit fund, a specific number of investors invest their money with a promise that their investment will be multiplied within a short span of time with surety and guaranteed return.

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A chit fund is a rotating saving scheme that has been a part of India’s financial system.Fund is an excellent financial instrument for both–saving and borrowing. As a savings instrument, it gives a good return on investment, and as a borrowing scheme, it can be a reliable source of funds in emergencies. The process repeats with each member getting the opportunity to take the auction amount each month while all the other subscribers, including the previous month’s winning bidder, continue to contribute their monthly instalments.

Features of Chit Funds

We are a credit and savings schemes rolled into one.

We have predetermined value and duration.

We allow you to borrow at an interest rate lower than moneylenders.

We are best for meeting the financial requirements of people belonging to lower-income households.

Chairman's Message

The chit fund begins at the pre-decided date for the number of months equal to the number of investors. The subscribers contribute their monthly instalments into the pot. An open auction is then conducted, allowing the members to bid for the chit fund value. The subscriber who is willing to take the lowest sum is announced the winner and gets to take the chit fund for that month.

In a chit fund scheme, a group of people contribute periodically towards the chit value for a duration equal to the number of investors (members or subscribers). The amount collected is given to the person, who is either selected through a lucky draw (lottery system) or an auction.

Benefits of Chit funds

Saving and investment tool

Quick access to money

Easy Accessibility

User-friendly service

Low interest

Flexibility usage

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